Free Real Estate Book Reveals How To...
Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent 

For decades top real estate agents have claimed that they could sell homes for more money faster, but few have actually offered a formula. I have, and I’m giving it to you… for free!

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Here's what you will learn in this book...

Part 1: Helpful Tips

  • How to Sell Your Home for More Money - and Sell It Faster
  • Rule of Life Shows Why Some FSBO’s Sell and Others Don’t
  • Violate this Home Selling Rule and Lose Money
  • High End Tactics to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar
  • Does Clutter Matter?
  • Getting Buyers Off the Fence in 8 Seconds
  • Details vs. Lawsuit
  • Tactics for More Showings and More Money

Part 2: Selling Your Home for More

  • If Donald Trump Sold For Sale By Owner
  • Why Most FSBO’s Mess Up Negotiations
  • Advanced Negotiating Tactics
  • Crucial Point That Sellers Can’t Afford to Miss

Part 3: Mistakes to Avoid

    • The Easiest Way to Lose $36,000 on Your Home Sale
    • Five Reasons Why Homes Don't Sell

Part 4: Home Selling Process

      • Preparing to Market
      • All You Need to Know to Show Your Home
      • How to Close Effectively
      • Once You’ve Sold Your Home

Part 4: Resources

      • What Has to Be Disclosed When Selling a Home
      • Hire a Realtor or Not?